Mindfulness with Animals

How will ‘Mindfulness with Animals’ help you & your animals?

Mindfulness with Animals is an effective means of creating peaceful understanding, taught by holistic animal therapist Jacqui Howe, to anyone who cares about animals on a personal or professional level:


  • Animal Guardians – Take your loving relationship to a new and exciting level of even deeper understanding and soul connection. You don’t need to be experiencing difficulties in order to create this for you and your beloved pet.
  • Pets with Difficulties – Overcome behavioural / emotional difficulties, help your animal friends to be calm and confident, therefore having the peaceful, joyful relationship you really want.
  • Animal Rescue Centres – Compassionate rehabilitation techniques for sensitive animals, enabling them to let go of past trauma, anxieties and abuse so that they can find forever homes.
  • Learning new things – Clearly communicate by creating a very effective listening environment – which greatly increases learning speed and also the retention of that learning.
  • Equine Dentists and Podiatrists – Enable your clients horses to be calm and peaceful throughout a treatment.
  • Vets and veterinary nurses– Speed up recovery times by helping sensitive animals to release their stress and anxiety.
  • Complementary Therapists – Greatly increase the effectiveness of your therapy by creating a peaceful, accepting environment.
  • Equine Facilitated Therapists – Enable your equine team to fully release clients emotions after a session.
  • Those who are coming near to the end of their life – creating an understanding & healing space for you, or your animal, to pass over peacefully
  • People with confidence, anxiety or depression difficulties – a wonderfully compassionate  and effective way to ease emotional & mental health difficulties.
  • People with physical pain – an effective way to manage pain.
  • People – and their carers – with dementia & those on the autism spectrum –  extremely healing and helpful, enabling a more peaceful and content way of being.


As a fully qualified and insured ‘Mindfulness with Animals’ practitioner, I enjoy teaching these techniques to both children and adults of all abilities. I teach via 1-to-1 consultations with your animal at home, by skype or on retreats with my herd of healing horses, I begin by teaching you techniques for establishing a connection unlike any other with your animals.  You are then taken on a journey of deeper connection, re-membering our intuitive abilities that we ALL have hidden inside us. Everyone is able to make this wonderful connection with their intuition and it’s my pleasure to show you how, so that you can have this relationship and understanding of animals as effortlessly as possible.


There’s a new awareness… a huge paradigm shift, bringing into the world unconditional love, greater understanding, deeper peace.  Mindfulness with Animals seeks to share this with everyone who is open to being part of it.  The animals are wise teachers, here to compassionately empower us all without judgement of where we are on this journey  – they know so much more than we often give them credit for.

As Eckhart Tolle so brilliantly writes in The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment: “I have lived with several Zen masters – all of them cats.”  I am honoured to be able to also include alpacas, badgers, bats, chickens, chinchillas, cows, deer, dogs, dolphins, donkeys, doves, ducks, foxes, geese, goats, guinea-pigs, horses, llamas, lizards, mice, otters, peacocks, penguins, pigs, ponies, rabbits, rats, reindeer, sheep, squirrels, tortoises, wallabies, whales and wild birds to those very wise Zen masters that I have been taught by and shared mindful space alongside.  My work is a result of this ongoing learning and I have huge gratitude to every one of them.

There is no longer a need for the out dated thinking of yesterday. What was accepted as ‘normal’ behaviour is now seen as dominant and often even abusive. Once we start to realise this and to think outside the box, we realise there actually is NO box!  We have infinite possibilities – a deeply peaceful connection with the soul of animals, and with each other, is one of those possibilities!  We can enable animals and humans to live in greater harmony and understanding of one another. Learning about our own emotions and reactions through the animals we live with, healing ourselves into greater consciousness and awareness is another possibility and just one of the many gifts that animals give us.

I believe it’s time we re-connected and lived with greater love, deeper peace, and a different, more authentic understanding.  Join us on this journey!






This is a testimonial from a client whose horse had emotional difficulties:

“I’m impressed by a practitioner who gives you the tools and information to help your animals…yourself. Jacqui not only helped my horses but she also enabled me to help my horses. She helped me to understand and be able to communicate with them. The techniques she gave me for our mare who was distressed following the loss of a herd member have proved invaluable. She has helped me to be peaceful with all my horses now. We humans are such busy creatures, always wanting and doing something. It’s important sometimes just to BE with them. Thank you, Jacqui.

Linda Chamberlain, Forest Row, East Sussex

This is a testimonial from a client whose animals had behaviour difficulties:

“My two dogs have both been so scared of fireworks for the past 6-8 years.  They would shake and literally hide.  I had a couple of sessions with Jacqui just a few weeks before bonfire night and as soon as the fireworks went off following that, their behaviour was calm and not at all stressed… It’s amazing that something so gentle and non-invasive… can help so hugely. Everyone needs to know about this! Thank you for sharing what you do.”   

Sally Walters, Chichester, West Sussex