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I really love my work creating and running a healing sanctuary for people and horses. I’m surrounded by nature and living with animals, and enjoy sharing this lovely space to help others to establish more peaceful, confident, trusting relationships where they can really thrive – connecting and understanding each other from a heart-centred place.

It’s been a long journey to get to a place where I really feel I’m living my dreams. Being very sensitive to other’s emotional and physical states, I’ve spent most of my life trying to make sense of the sometimes overwhelming feelings picked up from others. Eventually I found that there is another way! This has been the huge gift from the animals I’ve worked with. Enabling these feelings to be felt, acknowledged and then effectively released has literally changed my life and I enjoy sharing this knowledge to help others in a similar position.

If this resonates with you because you’re often told you’re “too” sensitive, or if you’re at a crossroads – not knowing which path to follow, or how to cope with a constant inner struggle of wanting to live your dreams, then please do get in touch and chat about how I can help by enabling you to feel empowered, connected to your intuitive knowing and living your life joyfully.

I’ve always had a deep empathy with animals and was very fortunate to grow up with lots of very dearly loved dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, peacocks, ponies, horses and donkeys – whether in our own family or ‘adopted’ from neighbours! My intention with all these animals has always been to create as much understanding, trust and confidence as possible.

How then did I get into a world of horse-riding, competing, stabling and even … racing?! It’s scary how social conditioning can make things seem perfectly acceptable, and I’ve had my fair share of being blinkered to all of that. Having been through all this, I feel it helps me to be non-judgmental and compassionate with everyone no matter where on your journey you are. We are all doing our best and struggling to make sense of this crazy life we live.

28 years ago my life could have taken a turn that would have been oh so very different… I was engaged to someone who owned several racecourses. I had a lightbulb moment of consciousness / awareness that I could never turn back from. I walked away from the person I was in love with and a life of extreme opulence as he was worth the ridiculous sum of £52million! Obviously this decision has helped to form the person I am today and my passion to help shift awareness for all animals, but most of all for horses who are used and abused by riding, keeping in isolation, keeping in tiny cages, dominating and controlling them at every single turn… somehow all in the name of LOVE! It’s been a long journey of questioning our part in their life since they are here and we’ve domesticated them. I feel for the moment I’ve come to a place of peace and clearly see the herd we have here living a happy life where they aren’t ridden or used, where they have their wishes respected and are completely regarded every step of the way. But I don’t take this for granted. I continue to question EVERYTHING. Here at the sanctuary, we love sharing our model for horses living in this way, so that hopefully it will inspire others to set up a similar forever home where more horses can live their lives being allowed to be horses, and being listened to,

Much of the work I have been drawn to and greatly enjoyed has been as a carer for both people and animals. However, many more masks were put on and thrown off during much of my working life – and I have huge amounts of experience in the corporate world of magazine publishing as well as running my own successful business supplying precious gemstones to high end jewellers! In 1999, when my children were still very young, I decided it was time to really start listening to that inner voice and follow my passion to help people and animals. I was first attuned as a Reiki practitioner and have enjoyed giving healing, Indian Head Massage, Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage, Ho’oponopono and Mindfulness coaching to people since then. Several years ago I was drawn to combine my love of animals and passion for healing work by training with many respected animal therapists, healers and communicators. I combined this with a Holistic Animal Practitioner training and apprenticeship at the wonderful Mane Chance Sanctuary, being one of the first graduates to qualify to an advanced level in 2014/15. I have now taken this Trust Technique practitioner training to new and much deeper levels of understanding, My teachers also include the many animals that I am grateful to share mindful space with. My work will hopefully always be a result of this ongoing learning from the wise animals I’m privileged to walk alongside in my life, and indeed all relationships with human and non-human animals alike, taking me to an ever deepening understanding of myself, of unconditional love and our connections with each other. I passionately believe that this way of being is not a “technique” or a “method” that anyone can label or own – it’s something we are ALL familiar with deep down in our psyches and it’s the soul connection every one of us is searching for.  It is my passion to help others connect with unconditional love, being able to fully live by feeling every emotion and releasing what we no longer have a need for and then truly thrive!

I’m a mother to two amazing and inspirational people I’m proud to call my daughter and son. I’m a daughter, sister, lover, pacifist, vegan, eco-warrior, animal advocate, sun-worshiper, tree-hugger, barefoot dreamer and like all of us, that only just starts to scratch the surface of who I really am deep in my soul. I live in Sussex, UK, with my partner David. Our animal family includes our dog Ollie, a herd of horses, ponies & donkeys and group of guinea pigs. I’m incredibly grateful to be surrounded by beautiful woodlands and fields with which I’m able to find peace and healing in. Our animal family have rehabilitated from rescue situations and live together happily in as much harmony, peace and trust as we can jointly create. I have no desire to “use” any of the animals in our care, and strive to enable all animals to have as much natural freedom as possible in this domesticated world into which we have brought them. My aim is to walk softly upon mother earth, to respect and love all living beings and to live as sustainably, peacefully & compassionately as I possibly can.


My practitioner training: 

Reiki Level 1 : 1999

Reiki Level 2 : 2000

Emerson College, Forest Row, E Sussex: Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training Foundation Course : 2000-2001

Tobias College, East Grinstead, W Sussex: Art Therapy Workshops 2001-2002

Indian Head Massage Practitioner ; 2005

Hawaiian Shamanic Healing Practitioner : Lomi Lomi Massage; Huna Meditation; Shamanic Training; Body Tune Up / Touch for Health; Lomi Lomi Advanced, Lomi Lomi Hot Stones, Lomi Lomi Pregnancy, Kahi Loa Shamanic Massage, (various Hawaiian teachers) 2006-2015

Sound Healing with Gongs: 2011

Awakening to Animals Int’l Conference, Lake District 2012

Mindfulness Coach Practitioner : 2012

Young Epilepsy Student Support Worker Training (intensive training to work as an individual support worker with children and young adults with extreme autism and epilepsy) 2012

Reiki Level 2 refresher & Equine Reiki Practitioner : 2013

Animal Communication Practitioner  :  2013

Animal Healing Practitioner  : 2013

Trust Technique Practitioner Levels 1, 2 & 3 2012- 2014

Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Resilience for Children & Young People : 2017










Jacqui Howe, Mindfulness with Animals Practitioner,


Tel:  07946 869454 / 01444 401895