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Mostly my animal clients are dogs, cats, companion / retired horses, ponies & donkeys, but I have also helped sheep, cows, pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, wild birds, tortoises, ferrets, alpacas, reindeer and wallabies.  This way of being is for sharing with ALL animals whether domesticated or wild.  

During a consultation or retreat, Jacqui will help you to understand what is causing an animal to display unwanted behaviour, and help them to release this behaviour … even if the situation is so intense that you are considering having to re-home or put the animal to sleep. From physical to emotional problems, whether that is caused from fear, nervousness, bereavement, past trauma / abuse etc, these compassionate and very effective methods can profoundly help.


You will be shown how to create and share a powerful state of trust and confidence with animals. This helps us to become aware of our own feelings and be totally authentic with them, giving us the tools to make positive changes which will affect many aspects of our life. It also enables us to connect with and understand animals completely. This unique and dynamic connection helps them, and us, to release past trauma, anxiety and other emotional / behavioural difficulties.

Completely regarding your animal friend is not just about being calm, it needs to be deeper. You will be given the tools to take your animal relationships to new and exciting levels based on mutual respect and understanding.  In this space we and they are then able to let go of past conditioned responses in order for true relationship healing to happen.




I will show you how to help your animal friends enter a deep healing state where they are able to release physical and emotional trauma which has been held in the body at a deep cellular level.

This allows us to not only have a physical and emotional relationship with our animals, but to access the hidden world of animal intelligence and discover a deep soul relationship with them.  So, even if your animal is not experiencing difficulties physically or emotionally, this is a wonderful way to deepen our connection with them.

ollie 1 20:4:15I work completely at the animal’s pace and therefore some behaviours (even if they are seemingly huge and insurmountable) can be instantly helped, others can take longer.

For a chat about you and animal’s circumstances and how I can help you, please call or email me.”



“Jacqui’s calm & gentle presence from the outset is wonderful in helping both horses and their owners to relax. Her soulful insight leads naturally to a present state where communication and healing can begin. Thank you Jacqui for showing me what’s possible using these techniques.”  Diana Coldman, Dorset.

See ‘What Clients Say…” for more testimonials about how this way of being has helped animals in a number of different situations.



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