How to be an animal listener … shhh!

How to be an animal listener … shhh!

2395872876723442392It’s not about ‘whispering’ which has negative connotations unfortunately these days with too many people using that term to put pressure on animals and force them to submit to the persons will.

It’s about LISTENING, about having complete regard, mindfully, quietly, gently.. being able to get onto our animals wavelength and truly understand what is going on for them, so that we can help them to overcome any confidence, fear or other behavioural issues with ease – in their time, and in their way. It’s about helping people too … to release their blocks and triggers around certain behaviour and enabling each one of us to have a deeper, more connected relationship themselves.

It’s a beautiful way of being, and for me, it’s the only way of really caring and forming a true understanding, trusting relationship with our animal friends. Whether the animal in your life has difficulties they need help with, or whether you simply want to hang out with them with more JOY, no frustration, more connection… then reducing your thinking, getting rid of your ‘agenda’, listening and understanding them really is the way to go.

To learn how to be a true animal listener, contact me for a consultation today! Everyone can do it… all you need is the desire to have the best relationship possible with your animal friends.




Be brave, be honest and question everything!

Be brave, be honest and question everything!

images-1It takes a brave person to stand back from everything they are doing with their animals and really question everything. But this is what we need to do in order to have a totally honest relationship based on trust.


I came across this article the other day, and wondered why, after three years of these findings being made public, people are still thinking that natural horsemanship, join up, round pens, whips and ropes, scaring horses by pressure-release etc is still a humane way to be acting around horses.

I believe it’s because change is hard, and unless we have an animal who is prepared to be abused and hurt, showing us that these methods do not work, we just keep going with the easy option.

It’s so sad, because “natural” horsemanship had so much promise years (and years) ago when it was first introduced. But the likes of Pat Parelli in the show ring beating up on his horse, his ego clearly getting the better of him, really should have highlighted to everyone that this is not going at the horses pace, or being kind.

I look forward to sharing “Mindfulness with Animals” and with you – but be warned … its uniquely compassionate way of really understanding your animal could just make you question everything you have previously thought that animals wanted!


Silencing the Horse Whisperers

Silencing the Horse Whisperers

DSC_0201It was such a huge privilege to be able to help beautiful Tao recently, when her guardian Linda contacted me.

Tao didn’t want to leave the yard and had seemingly lost interest in life.

Linda was wondering what the matter with Tao was… could it be bloating from too much grass, or could it be that she was feeling affected by one of her companions recently being put to sleep?

I loved being with Tao, Carrie and Linda, helping them all to understand each other better, and to help them all peacefully come to terms with their friend passing over. ┬áRead Tao’s story here:


Changing relationships

Suzy Miller was amazed at how just one consultation with Jacqui Howe changed her relationship with the family pet, Ruby: