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INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATIONS (for both humans and animals):

£75  – Home visit consultation (2 hrs)  

£290 – 5 x home visits (initial consultation of 2 hrs, followed by 4 x 1 hr weekly / fortnightly consultations)


£55  – 1 skype consultation (1hr)

Packages available for 4 weekly and 12 weekly programmes – please ask Jacqui for details. 

  • For behaviour difficulties, anxiety, stress, relationship healing, releasing fear, gaining trust and confidence.
  • Learning to connect on a deeper level of understanding and peacefulness.
  • If you or your animal companion have suffered anxiety, trauma, bereavement or pain in your past, and you believe this could still be affecting you or them, this is also a very effective way of helping to release this on a deep cellular level.


  • For releasing past anxiety / trauma
  • Learning Mindfulness, to enable you do deal with stress, anxiety, exam nerves etc
  • Finding your purpose! If you feel stuck in a rut or at a crossroads, I can help you find the most peaceful path to really live your joy! A combination of Mindfulness and learning to listen to your own intuitive connection will enable you to thrive rather than simply survive.
  • For depression, pain management, relationship difficulties.

Please note that I do not offer consultations for horses or ponies that are being ridden / driven or to enable animals to be used in any way.

A fully supportive email service is offered for you and your animals following all consultations and retreats.



  • Workshop-Retreats – Introductory, Intermediate & Advanced Practitioner Level non-residential:          £120/person per day
  • A fully supportive email service is offered for you and your animals following all consultations and retreats.
  • See workshop-retreats page for further information.

At the end of your workshop-retreat you will receive a certificate of completion.


1 hour healing treatment for all animals.  Treatments are in the comfort of the animal’s usual surroundings.   £40 per home visit treatment.  Distant healing also given (by donation).   Please call / email to discuss.



I’m always happy to help animals be at their most peaceful – so if your animal friend is experiencing health / emotional difficulties I can often tune in remotely to ask whether there is anything they particularly need / want to let you know etc.  (Free of charge / by donation to the sanctuary.)  Please call / email me to discuss.


At the end of life for either human or animal,  Jacqui helps enable a peaceful passing over & offer support and healing with bereavement. £60 per half day visit in your own home.



Jacqui offers healing and holistic massage for people, which includes Reiki, Hawaiian LomiLomi, Indian Head Massage, Holistic Massage and Shamanic Massage.  £35 per half hour, £60 per hour, £75 per 1.5hrs.   For full treatment menu please see my website:




Jacqui has spent most of her life looking after horses, and many years learning about horses in their natural setting, experiencing how they are emotionally and physically happiest and healthiest. She puts this into practice on a daily basis and we live alongside happy, healthy horses who are a joy to spend time with.  The herd who live with us are barefoot and live out 24/7 with company and with free access to food, water and shelter.  Her learning journey included studying feeds (including effects of sugars/grains/chemicals), the most beneficial barefoot trim for optimum health (and how to find a trimmer you and your horse are happy with), helping with wellness and optimum health including self-selection of herbs and medicinal plants, advice on how to find the right professional health care,  land management, rugging pros and cons, fencing options etc.

Many clients feel they would like to offer their horses a more natural way of life, but don’t feel confident enough to ‘go it alone’ and rent or buy their own field.  Jacqui says “I remember what a minefield it was when I started realising I wanted something different for horses than what the conventional way of horse management had to offer, and am happy to share what I have learned to support others. Knowing this support is there often makes taking that step on your own with your horses possible.”

Consultation fees: £40 –  phone / skype advice (up to 1hr). £60 on site visit (up to 2 hrs).



We are based in West Sussex.  Jacqui can visit you and your animals in Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Consultations outside S/E England are also possible – please text / email to discuss.

Jacqui offers consultations both nationally and internationally via phone/skype. Previous clients have left many testimonials confirming the effectiveness of my treatments via phone and skype.

I am happy to discuss with you whether your particular animal’s situation would be suited to a consultation via a no obligation phone / skype call before deciding on booking your appointment.


To book a consultation or retreat with Jacqui, or to discuss your requirements further, please email or text me on 07946 869 454.

Gift certificates are available for any value, giving the special and unique gift of a consultation or a retreat to your loved one or friend.


Jacqui Howe, Mindfulness with Animals™ Practitioner,

Tel:  07946 869454 / 01444 401895

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