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To book a massage or healing treatment with Jacqui, please call me on 07946 869454

“This is more than just a massage – it’s a reconnection with spirit.”

“This is a massage that feels like the waves of Hawaii are clearing, cleansing, releasing, relaxing – honestly, it’s pure bliss! I feel very safe, deeply relaxed and in expert hands when I’m with Jacqui.”  Sunita Wells, Richmond, Surrey.

As a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with a Mindfulness Retreat, a LomiLomi massage treatment is a truly wonderful gift to give yourself.  This ancient Hawaiian healing art helps to release physical and emotional pain which can often be held in the body at a deep cellular level. Bodywork and energy work combined can have a profound effect which then help the whole process of Mindfulness and allowing ourselves to be deeply relaxed and in the present moment.

2052592M-2Over the past ten years I’ve studied with a number of respected Hawaiian teachers in a variety of Hawaiian healing modalities, and am enjoying constantly adding to my knowledge.



 I feel privileged and honoured to be able to share this traditional and sacred Hawaiian healing art, and I do so with deep respect and reverence of its roots and of the Hawaiian healers who carried this knowledge down through the centuries.

I offer a variety of therapeutic massage treatments, workshops and retreats in my tranquil treatment room or healing yurt in West Sussex, and can also visit you so ou can receive your treatment in the comfort of your own home.


 2395872876725595602“A profound healing that works on every level of being – physical, emotional and spiritual… time slipped away as Jacqui’s special gift of blending massage with Reiki and her powerful intuitive abilities allowed for deep cellular healing… quite simply this is one massage treatment that everyone should experience.” Diana Coldman, Somerset. 



Before your massage, any emotional or physical issues can be discussed so that the ‘whole person’ can be treated in a safe and effective manner. In this way all treatments are tailored to you and your individual needs.


lomi-picIntuitively working with each clients specific needs, I offer you a nurturing, rhythmic massage enabling you to release emotional and physical pain which is often held deep within the body, leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and transformed. LomiLomi is a wonderful fusion of healing and bodywork unlike any other treatment you will have experienced.


• 60 minute Lomilomi Massage  £60

• 90 minute Lomilomi Massage  £85

images“Jacqui has a wonderfully calming presence and graceful fluidity with her touch. You will float away after your session feeling as if you have been nurtured by mother ocean herself. She has taken the time to explore this beautiful art with many practitioners and weaves the best of their techniques into a dance all her own. I highly recommend a session to those new to lomi lomi and those who already know it’s power and joy.” Carrie Rowell, Owner and Instructor Hamoea Healing Arts, Hawaii



Tandem-massageHawaiian Royalty were regularly massaged by two healers at the same time. In fact in ancient times this tandem massage was reserved solely for Hawaiian Royalty but now you can also enjoy this “royal massage”. Two skilled practitioners massage your body at once in a synchronised dance of rejuvenating bliss.

Tandem-4David and Jacqui work together seemlessly and intuitively, offering you this unique Tandem LomiLomi massage treatment. This very powerful healing massage will deeply relax and rejuvenate you, leaving you uniquely balanced with its yin and yang energy flow. It has been very highly recommended by every client who has received this treatment from us.

• 60 minute Tandem LomiLomi Massage  £95

David2David :  http://www.hawaiianstylemassage.co.uk/index.html




Couple-side-by-side-2Both you and a friend / partner can be massaged at the same time, in the same sacred healing space, as Jacqui and David give you each a LomiLomi massage side by side.







• 60 minute Lomilomi Massage  £55 each

• 90 minute Lomilomi Massage £80 each


Unknown-1KahiLoa means “Infinite Oneness”. It is a shamanic form of Hawaiian massage and healing which connects with the mana (divine energy and spirit) in Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, Plants, Animals and Humans. KahiLoa is a deep, gentle, loving communion with nature and one’s soul. A truly healing journey of pure Hawaiian magic!

This 30 minute massage is received lying down in light comfortable clothing.


Hawaiian healing touch (similar to Reiki). This offers the recipient vitality, a return to wholeness, healing of the past, balancing of the energy system (chakras) in the body, unconditional love, deep peace and given with the intention of highest possible good.

This 30 minute treatment is received fully clothed (in light comfortable clothing) either seated or lying down.


DivineLoveThese treatments can be received together, and also as a preliminary treatment before receiving a LomiLomi massage treatment.


beauty-be-mine-indian-head-massage-233x300A fully clothed, seated treatment, where you will receive a 30 minute relaxing and healing massage to head, face, neck and shoulders. Many say it’s even more relaxing and healing to receive than the wonderful Indian Head Massage.



The gift of Ho’oponopono is a profoundly effectively clearing ritual of forgiveness, deep gratitude and unconditional love to yourself.

Beautiful to give to yourself to create deep levels of transformation in your life.

I happily share ho’oponopono with retreat and massage clients as a gift without need for payment or exchange.  If you would like to know more please ask.



The gift of Aloha – deeply nurturing unconditional love – is the essence of Hawaiian healing.

 Every treatment given by Jacqui and/or David is given with the intention of ♥ALOHA ♥  This Hawaiian greeting also means unconditional love & “the divine light in me recognises and honours the divine light in you”.

To book a massage or healing treatment with Jacqui, please call me on 07946 869454

All treatments can be paid with a debit/credit card via paypal: www.paypal.me/jacquihowe  or by cash at the time of your treatment.


Among the many benefits a LomiLomi Massage offers

  • relief of sore, tense muscles and muscle spasms;
  • boosting circulation;
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system to release waste products;
  • enhancing skin, hair and muscle tone;
  • boosting the immune response;
  • lowering blood pressure and slowing the heart rate;
  • improving posture;
  • speeding healing after an injury;
  • releasing trauma held at a deep cellular level in the body;
  • a profound effect on the health and development of the muscles;
  • restoration of vitality;
  • heightened metabolism.

In addition to LomiLomi’s physical benefits, the emotional releases felt during and after a session are profound. Recipients of a LomiLomi treatment often experience freedom from anxiety, worry, fear, aiding relief from insomnia, depression and stress. Helpful for:

  • quietening the mind, creating inner calm and clarity;
  • nurturing the inner core, bringing harmony and balance.


More about the ancient healing art of LomiLomi:

LomiLomi is an ancient healing art first practiced in Hawaii by early Polynesian settlers over 1,000 years ago with much reverence and love for the being they were giving healing to. They believed that physical discomfort and disease were the results of suppressed emotions, mental disturbances or spiritual disharmony. The traditional lomilomi healing sessions began with a thorough investigation into the nature of the dysfunction, as well as prayer, fasting and several sessions in the steam hut. Once the malady was identified, the treatment would often begin with heated stones and herbal poultices. Then the Kahuna would massage and use particular lomilomi strokes necessary for that individual. One of the common similarities among lomilomi practitioners of old was the power and knowledge they had. That is, their ability to communicate deep into the bones of their patients via their touch through soft tissues, yet being non invasive and connecting it all with spirit, says Maka’ala Yates, a Hawaiian medicine specialist.

The old ways of the Hawaiian ancestors are being absorbed into the modern world, however the original intention of aloha remains. A lomilomi session is a respite from the outside world, a sacred experience where the massage table becomes an altar and divinity touches humanity. It is a mystical meeting that produces an altered state of consciousness and an incredible sense of wellness in the body, mind and spirit.

LomiLomi in the right hands gives immediate and long-term results. The depth of true lomilomi is virtually limitless in its ability to offer potential for healing. It is correct to say that lomilomi encompasses a massage, but it is not limited to it. Native Hawaiians say that the true definition of lomilomi is reconnecting with spirit.

I hope to see you soon so that you can experience all the benefits of a fabulous LomiLomi Massage for yourself.




Gift certificates are also available for you to give as a unique and thoughtful present. They can be redeemed for, or put towards any of the treatments, retreats or consultations I offer. For any amount you wish, in a beautiful card and sent to you or directly to your friend for their special day.

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, a special occasion to celebrate or simply that you want to let someone know how much you love them.





Jacqui has a wonderfully calming presence and graceful fluidity with her touch. You will float away after your session feeling as if you have been nurtured by mother ocean herself. She has taken the time to explore this beautiful art with many practitioners and weaves the best of their techniques into a dance all her own. I highly recommend a session to those new to lomi lomi and those who already know it’s power and joy.” Carrie Rowell, Owner and Instructor Hamoea Healing Arts, Hawaii

“Jacqui’s lomi lomi massage is out of this world. I felt so totally relaxed the experience is wonderful. I would recommend anyone to try one.”  Julie Creasey, Sussex

pele-goddess“Jacqui has the most extraordinary way of making you feel at ease and relaxed. I felt safe, secure and in the hands of a master – looking forward to experiencing it again – totally recommended.”  Kate Taylor-Smith, Sussex

“As a healer, therapist and spiritual teacher I readily recognise the moments when I need treatment from others. The LomiLomi massage I recently received from Jacqui has been truly amazing. In trying to define this astonishing Hawaiian therapy I would say describing it as a massage really doesn’t do it justice – it is so much more than that! It is a profound head-to-toe healing that works on every level of being – physical, emotional and spiritual. I felt wrapped in love the moment I stepped into the beautiful treatment room. The healing began with a warm foot bath before lying on the couch listening to the rhythmic sounds of Hawaiian based music, chanting, ocean waves and whalesong. Jacqui began the sweeping massage movements I have never before experienced that reflected the rolling waves of the islands. Time slipped away as Jacqui’s special gift of blending massage with Reiki and her powerful intuitive abilities allowed for deep cellular healing. Quite simply, this is one massage treatment that everyone should experience! Thank you Jacqui; you’re one very special lady!”
Diana Coldman, East Grinstead – www.thelifewhisperer.co.uk

“I have had lots of massages from many many people and honestly Jacqui’s Lomi Lomi are up the top of my list. Really Soo soo gooood. Can I book another one?! love Genevra”  Genevra Jolie, Lewes, Sussex


“If you feel in need of a nurturing, clearing therapeutic massage experience, go and see the lovely Jacqui Howe. You will be wrapped in sarongs and enveloped in coconut oil :) and have many stresses smoothed away ~ while being held in a very safe space for anything emotional that may or may not emerge from the cellular clearing.
Jacqui is an experienced and respectful Practitioner of traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. She also practices and teaches mindfulness ~ both with people and four-leggeds ~ is very kind and caring, and loves giving her treatments .. which makes it a wonderful thing all ’round ”  Vanessa Vine, Sussex 
“Jacqui’s Hawaiian massage technique is an amazing discovery and following an acute spell of stress, her massage is allowing for the chance for my body, mind and soul to totally relax and unwind in a homely, safe and confidential setting.”

Ruth Woodrow, Lingfield

images“I felt as if I was floating on a wave of light and energy… I was made to feel totally safe and secure. They were so in tune with each other that although it was tandem it felt like one person, flowing and no difference in pressure between the two. The wave moved up and down my body in rhythm soothing every inch of my being. I’ve never experienced anything remotely like this and would highly recommend it. If everyone had this opportunity we’d live in a very peaceful, giving, sharing world.”
Sally Gurnham, Sussex.

“I found your massage both relaxing and invigorating. It was done with such love and respect. Each time I had a massage it was different but just what I needed at the time.”  Diane Rainbow, Forest Row

“The most nurturing massage I have ever received, I still feel fantastic… thank you!”Ann Wright, Brighton, Sussex

“I had the most wonderful treatment from Jacqui when she was in South Africa. It was completely different to anything I’d experienced before, it was a calm, healing, deeply relaxing, balancing and somehow energizing therapy all at once. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would seriously recommend you try if you haven’t had one before. Jacqui has discovered a true gift and is working with it in an amazing way.”
Nicky Colling, Cape Town, SA

“I booked my first treatment with Jacqui as a treat. But moments after entering her healing haven, was open to so much more. Mahalo Jacqui. I love you and the beautiful gift you share.”  Lee Herriott, Bexhill

“Treating yourself to one of Jacqui’s Healing Temple Massages is so much more than going for a massage! It literally feels like entering a sacred healing temple where the Goddess that you really are gets pampered, nourished, revitalised, rejuvenated, you name it … Strong warning: it’s highly addictive and you want to come back again and again and again!” Naraya, Kenya

“A tandem massage by Jacqui and David is the most delicious, devine experience I’ve ever had from a massage. They compliment each other beautifully and I felt very safe and nurtured. It would make the perfect pamper present!”
Alex Florschtz, Forest Row

“I felt as if I was being massaged by warm and soft waves, one after the other. It was a relaxing and beautiful experience. I left feeling peaceful and refreshed.”
N del Strother, Forest Row

“Overall it was a very good session, a warm welcome and very comfortable bed. You are very intuitive and provide a relaxed environment for clients to relax and release. The scalp massage and aromas from the oils on your palms was a nice touch. I am thankful for the deep level of relaxation achieved during the treatment and for days after. Additionally, I had water on the knee which started to disappear two days after the treatment! Thank you Jacqui.”  Christie C, East Grinstead

1385686_10151989994469809_792281136_n“I loved the way the massage sweeps from top to bottom in one move, like a wave. It’s all encompassing and very nurturing.”  Jan W, Forest Row

“One of my birthday suprises from my girlfriend was for us to have a couples massage. We both were looking for a different massage experience than we received in our local spa and we weren’t disappointed. For 90 minutes both Jacqui and David combined techniques with massage strokes over the body… we both felt at ease and comfortable throughout. Afterwards we both felt rejuvenated and agreed it was an experience we won’t forget but moreover would like to repeat again.”
Chris and Amanda, Kent

“LomiLomi Massage really is bodywork to cherish your inner Goddess.” Sabine B, London

2395872876725595601“I was given the tandem massage as a gift and can honestly say I have never experienced a more relaxing massage. The sensation of having different parts of your body massaged at the same time was so relaxing.  To have your feet massaged whilst your shoulders are being pummelled gives a whole body comfort, focusing on the key pressure points. The working together of the two practitioners ensures a smooth experience which is both very relaxing and envigorating. I would highly recommend this massage as a real treat to anyone!” Sue Ramcharan, Worcester Park

“The whole experience was very nourishing and beautiful. The room was perfectly prepared – warm and calming. The massage itself was so relaxing and I liked the fact tat it was deep as well. I felt as if it was getting to the core!”  Dawn A, East Grinstead

“Lovely atmosphere, beautiful massage.”  FB, Sharpthorne

“LomiLomi massages were the perfect gift to celebrate our wedding. Jacqui and David worked together seamlessly to create a relaxing, deep massage. The ultimate pampering experience and highly recommended.”  Mary and Adrian, West Wickham

“It’s much more than a massage – it’s a spiritual awakening.” KT, Forest Row

“It was a great session with you! When you began with massaging my head, you took me right to bliss from the very start. The whole sesson was like being with the dolphins. You have a gift Jacqui and I can hardly wait for my next massage with you!” Kealohi Wayne Powell, Hawaii

Unknown-1“LomiLomi: Chi of sand and sea, calming harmony of palm trees; eurythmy of the world speaking gently.” Jane F, West Hoathly

“I had two massages from Jacqui and David. All the pieces of puzzle of my scattered self were put together. I felt whole and strong and light. Fearless. Thank you so very much to Jacqui and David.” AnneMarie Wylie, Richmond

Goddesses_Pele_GoddessofFire“It is one of the best things to treat yourself to…seems to nuture me completely…body, mind and spirit…Jacqui creates a beautiful atmosphere and each time I go it gets better and better…think I am going to book one now…”  Niccola Willis, Sussex



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