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About Springwood Sanctuary:



It’s our passion to enable people and animals to live in greater harmony by enabling people to connect, trust, heal and love unconditionally. Jacqui offers consultations to people and animals and also teaches this simple yet profoundly effective way of being through workshops and retreats at Springwood Sanctuary in West Sussex.  As a vegan, Jacqui is dedicated to inspiring a shift in awareness and consciousness away from the “use” and “mis-use” of animals in any way. By setting up Springwood Sanctuary with her partner David, they aspire to set up a model for change.

Springwood Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation. All donations are gratefully received and enable us to offer healing and teach Mindfulness to people not able to pay for treatments due to their ill health at present and also to continue our animal rehabilitation work and the upkeep of the beautiful herd of rescued horses here at Springwood Sanctuary.

If you’d like to make a donation towards this work, your contribution would be very welcome and gratefully received. Clicking on the £ links below takes you to a very easy to use paypal payment (no extra charges are made to you or us).

  • HAY:  3 bales of hay feeds one horse for a week.  If you’d like to support a horse by buying a week’s feed please donate here:  £9                                                       
  • HERBS:  We offer our herd medicinal plants and herbs in addition to those found naturally in their pasture and woodlands.  This keeps them in good health and enables them to thrive.  If you’d like to support them by paying for a bag of beneficial herbs, please donate here  :  £19
  • HOOF TRIMMING:  Our herd need regular foot trimming every 7 weeks.  If you’d like to support us by paying for one horse’s feet to be trimmed, please donate here  :  £35
  • HEALING FOR PEOPLE:  To support someone who is unable to afford a (concessionary rate) consultation for help with physical or emotional difficulties, please donate here  :   £39
  • HEALING RETREATS FOR PEOPLE:  To support someone who is unable to afford a (concessionary rate) day retreat for help and respite, please donate here  :  £69
  • FENCING:  In order to give the herd even greater access to the 65 acres of wonderful pasture & woodland we have here at Springwood Sanctuary, we need to fence more of the boundary.  If you’d like to support us by helping us buy fencing (£80 buys 100m fencing and fence posts), please donate here  :  £80
  • EQUINE DENTISTRY:  Our herd need regular annual dentistry checks to keep them in the best health and allow them to gain maximum nutritional value from their feed.  If you’d like to support a horse’s equine dentistry appointment, please donate here  :  £100
  • SPONSORING HORSES AND PONIES: We are regularly approached by people who know of horses needing rescue, rehabilitation and forever safe sanctuary from their past trauma. Of course we’d dearly love to help them all, but are stretched financially to our limit with the herd we have here. We have the space, time and love to offer more horses and ponies in need of help and therefore welcome offers of sponsorship.  If you’re able to personally sponsor a horse or pony, or would like to gather together a group of friends to be joint sponsors, we can send you information of our latest requests for help so that you can be involved with us in offering them a happy, loving, carefree future. What an incredible legacy to give to such a beautiful animal. Sponsorship costs £375 per month. For a group of ten friends that’s just £37.50 per month each. In return for this you will receive regular updates on their rehabilitation and progress, photos and regular invitations to visit. Contact Jacqui to chat about your interest.
  • LIVERY FOR YOUR OWN HORSE OR PONY:  We offer a wonderful retirement livery to horses and ponies whose guardians seek a natural herd environment for them. Your beloved equine doesn’t need to be old to live here! We welcome equines of all ages who are not ridden, whether that is out of choice (as many of ours) or out of necessity.  They will enjoy living an enriched life as naturally as possible here at the sanctuary. Please call Jacqui on 07946 869454 to discuss and to visit.  
  • SPONSORS:  As sponsors for any of the above, we invite you to come and visit us here at a mutually convenient time. If you have suggestions of other ways you’d like to support our work here at the Sanctuary, we’d love to hear from you.  Are you a great fund raiser? Or do you have a parcel of land you’d like to see used in a fabulous way to help people and animals? 
  • VOLUNTEERS:  If you’re unable to afford a financial donation but would like to support us with voluntary work, we’d love to hear from you.  We have numerous daily tasks to keep the herd well and happy, including clearing the land, fencing, putting out hay, cleaning water buckets and of course the care of the horses themselves.   Please give Jacqui a call, send me an email or connect on social media. I look forward to meeting you.

A HUGE heartfelt thanks to everyone who is able to support us in any way!


More about Springwood Sanctuary and our ethos:

♥   A Gift from the Heart  

Our aim is to enable you to create deep peace for yourself and those around you, including your animal companions, so that we truly thrive rather than just survive! We aim to support you to establish a mutually joyful, trusting, understanding and soul connection that will live in your heart forever.

More and more people are being aware of a new consciousness – bringing into the world a deeper understanding of unconditional love, peace, trust and healing. One where we can enable animals to release past trauma and be healed into an unconditioned state.  It’s my passion to share this with as many people as possible. If you too have a desire to connect in this healed state with absolutely no agenda or expectations, then I know you will love this way of being. 

♥ Together we can make a difference