What clients say…


 “I recently had the honour of experiencing a very special weekend at Jacqui’s retreat. It was over a week ago now and I am honestly still processing it as it was such a huge and humbling experience!

Jacqui and David (and Ollie!) welcomed us into their home in such a lovely way, and to say the weekend completely opened my heart and my relationship with animals is an understatement.
Jacqui has an incredibly gentle and powerful relationship with her horses, and a deep understanding of both mindfulness and her beautiful herd.
I absolutely loved my weekend with Jacqui, learned and experienced a great deal, and felt very, very supported by her throughout the weekend retreat, and after.
I will never forget my time here that I was privileged enough to be able to experience, and will never forget my time with each member of the herd, and as a collective; they let us into their space in such a gentle and loving way.
Thank you so much for this experience Jacqui, and I really look forward to returning again. ”  Rowena Dowsett, Northampton

“This is truly an amazing place and I admire and respect Jacqui Howe and the love and respect she has for her lovely horses. I would strongly recommend people to go here if you are struggling emotionally or simply feeling stressed or your bond with your horse has gone through some challenging times. Jacqui is so patient and understanding and she has helped me so much with my own troublesome and overwhelming emotions and she has helped me reconnect with my partner of my heart and soul Rodney (my share horse) I am eternally grateful to her and I hope that anyone who needs it or wants it goes and checks it out. I guarantee that you won’t regret it!”  Chloe Wake, Surrey

“Thank you so much for an enlightening weekend with you and your herd.  I really appreciated the sensitivity and respect you showed to you animals.  It was great the way the workshop content was flexed to meet our individual areas of interest.  I definitely feel more mindful and have some practical ways that I can take that forward into my daily practices. Thank you again.”  Lisa Brice, Northampton

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful home and herd with us. I had such a special time and it’s been really impactful. I can’t recommend the experience highly enough and I’ve been talking about it to all my friends.

I had a lovely time being reunited with my own herd last Sunday and I think they really appreciated my calm aura. Helios and I enjoyed a walk in the woods together – the first time we have done this, so it was very special. Walking together was something I used to do a lot with Dexter but for a few reasons I hadn’t made it happen with Helios and it was a nice experience to share together. He enjoyed it and one point stopped for a real forage and lick in the mud – I’d love to know what mineral deposit he was in enjoying.

The weekend with you really helped restore my confidence in that inner resource of calm we all carry if we know how to access it.

I was very inspired by your whole way of being and the gift you offer by sharing it with others in such an open hearted way. Experiencing your home, herd & hospitality has added a new dimension to my own vision for the future with my family, horses and friends. I was even talking with my husband about coming with him and the kids so they could experience it.

There’s nothing I’d have wanted you to do differently, just a wish from me to come and spend some more time with you in the future. Thanks again for such an enriching experience.”  Kate Ensor, Luxembourg.

“My husband and I had a wonderful day with Jacqui and her horses. As soon I we got home to my pony I tried mindfulness with her and she stopped eating to blow into my nose. We continue and although I find it hard as Storm pushes me back, our journey continues and our bond is growing stronger. A couple of days ago Storm was emotional and off her feed when one of the horses in the barn had to be PTS. We spent some while with her until she closed her eyes and slept. I definitely believe mindfulness helped.”  Katherine Howard, Sussex.

“I was privileged and thrilled to be able to attend Jacqui’s workshop, with a mixed herd roaming freely behind us in their track field. The group was small and intimate and we all came from far and wide all so different, but all knowing that there is a kind and gentle way to communicate with animals. I sat in the beautiful morning sunshine, knowing a little from videos and online and itching to learn more.
Jacqui is calm and warm spirited with a soothing voice that is relaxing and gentle. She explained clearly and simply that this is not a mystical art but something innate within each of us, that we are all capable of achieving – we have all just forgotten how as we go about being a human “doing” rather than a human “being”. Under her guidance we practiced bringing our energy down, emptying our minds and being in the present moment and most importantly releasing any expectations. We all discussed how we felt and things we struggled with… Jacqui calmly and without judgement gave us further guidance and practical help to maintain this tranquil state, before demonstrating the technique on one of the horses. It was beautiful to see – she explained that all animals react differently to start with, before accepting that it is ok and safe to relax and release. The horse took deep breaths, his eyes got heavier, head dropped, rested foot, weight shifting and yawning. We then got to practice what we had learnt and seen. I must admit I was nervous as to whether I was really achieving this feeling and doing it properly.
Respecting the herd boundaries we quietly stood or sat and became “present”.
What can I say – all the horses approached us, curiously sniffing, blowing gently through their noses, heads dropped and all very gentle, just craving the sense of peace we were creating. I was obviously doing something right! We were all so peaceful. I felt honoured and it was quite emotional and very beautiful.
The whole experience was amazing and I can’t recommend Jacqui more highly and will be calling on her knowledge, experience and gentle ways to help one of my horses release blockages and trauma of being saddled and ridden. We owe it to our animals and ourselves to have relationships with each other based on trust, respect and understanding, without fear, mistrust and pressure.
I may sound evangelical, but I have tried this with my horse a few times myself, and I never thought such a difference would be possible. I’m very grateful. Thank you.”   Emma-Claire Pullen, West Sussex

DSC_0289“I came to the retreat with no real experience of being around horses but a love of animals and a desire for a deeper connection. My previous encounters with horses – one in childhood when I had been thrown and one in later years when I had been on the receiving end of a kick – had left me wary. After learning more about Mindfulness with Animals in a small, friendly, multi-national group we were able to practise amongst a herd of beautiful horses. With the aid of Jacqui’s gentle and reassuring presence, I was able to let go of my initial nervousness and relax into the wonder of being close to these magnificent creatures. Early on I was able to witness a horse releasing with continued yawns next to one of the participants – it was very moving. Later in the afternoon after a talk from Jacqui about healing I found, to my surprise, that I was able to connect with one of the horses and pick up on its emotional and physical state. At the end of the day, it was very heart-warming to feel the gratitude of the horses as we were preparing to leave. Jacqui is very passionate about what she does and it was a wonderful reminder of how simple it is for us to connect to all of life when we drop back into our be-ingness and that animals are particularly receptive to this. I would highly recommend the retreat – it was a beautiful experience.” Marian Geddes, Surrey.


DSC_0284“It has been a great honour for me to have the opportunity to connect at that level of awareness with the horses under the guidance of Jacqui. Her gentle way to lead us to empty our mind and be in the “present moment” aware of everything that is and letting go of expectation to find stillness and peace, shared both by humans and animals was truly an amazing experience.

DSC_0281l found easy to follow the instructions and tips that Jacqui shared generously. Since l have had plenty opportunities to practice. And it works like magic! I am very grateful to have taken part in this workshop in a beautiful location where the land, animals and humans can benefit from each other. Thanks to Jacqui, to the lovely small group of like minded people and to the horses for having manifested a wonderful day!”   Patula, Brighton, West Sussex.



“I attended one of Jacqui’s workshops in October and could say it was one of my best decisions. Jacqui is a genuinely beautiful person and soul.She can connect with animals, and people as well, straight away. To watch her work with horses was amazing and just to see how the horses became calm in her presence was magical. I really enjoy working with her and the beautiful herd that belongs to her friend. That day I made a connection with the herd myself and was able to talk to them and feel them. It was unbelievable. I loved it and will definitely work with Jacqui in future again.” Lenka Frehahova, Forest Row, East Sussex.

DSC_0293“Thank you very much Jacqui for yesterday’s experience.  I felt very grounded when I was with the horses and it must have made the clearing stronger.  The healing carried on through the night. I feel fearless and clear in my head.” AnneMarie, Surrey.



“I’ve had several wonderful sessions with Jacqui teaching me mindfulness with the horses which has been amazing! I’ve had two beautiful moments that I’ll always remember, one with spirit my Appaloosa we totally connected together in this beautiful healing space just completely there for each other with our issues being addressed.

The second with my rescue pony dreamer who had a very hard start to life and was very untrusting when I got him so he was still weary and unsettled with a headcollar on so using jacqui’s mindfulness techniques he allowed himself to completely and totally let go and relax which was so so rewarding! :-)

Jacqui has also been a great help in moving my free spirit herd to my new yard, helping everyone keep calm and relaxed and helping dreamer to load peacefully for the first time with no sedation and no pressure and he did so well he remained relaxed for the whole journey!

We’ve also had a couple of talks and retreats with my herd at my natural horse retreat which have been so insightful, good fun, filled with lovely like minded people and very special healing moments with the very appreciative horses.

Thanks again Jacqui, highly recommend to anyone looking for a totally natural no pressure approach with horses.”  Emily Patmore, Sussex

“Great Mindfulness Workshop , thank you Jacqui , I use the tecniques often.” Agnes Laurent-Canet, France


Suzy wanted to be able to enjoy a walk with Ruby without her running away.  Just one consultation has helped Ruby, and indeed the whole family:

“Already this is making a difference… I actually enjoyed taking my dog for a walk for the first time in a very long time… I’m eternally grateful for my session.With just that 2 hours I was completely blown away by it. If you have … any animal that you think wow, this relationship isn’t as much fun as it should be, just learn how to use this technique because anyone can do and it’s very, very beautiful.”  Suzy Miller, Forest Row, E Sussex.

“Thank you Jacqui for sharing so much useful information and for being so generous with your time on your recent visit. I am using the mindfulness technique to find a deeper connection with my horses and dogs, the stillness is helping me too. Helping Lola with her phobia about nail clipping is a longer project but I am grateful for the setup you have given me, we are making progress.”  Julie Baker,  Sussex. 

“My two dogs have both been so scared of fireworks for the past 6-8 years.  They would shake and literally hide.  I had a couple of sessions with Jacqui just a few weeks before bonfire night and as soon as the fireworks went off following that, their behaviour was calm and not at all stressed.  This has continued and we went through all the new year fireworks being peaceful too! (We live in a village and they are LOUD!) It’s amazing that something so gentle and non-invasive, no pressure, no de-sensitising or harsh words can help so hugely. Everyone needs to know about this! Thank you for sharing what you do.” Sally Walters, E. Sussex.


“One of our cats was very hyperactive in the house and the other was extremely anxious, making life very stressful for everyone. Jacqui showed us how to help them to be relaxed with us and each other, and how to create a very different relationship of complete calm and happiness! We highly recommend a consultation.” Karen & Simon Billings, W Sussex.

Sue lives with two cats who were unable to be in the same room together and one cat who was very anxious going outside. In one consultation and a few daily sessions that Sue did on her own with her cats, we were able to help their relationship together become confident, trusting & peaceful, and reassure her about the outside world so that she felt calmer in going out and coming in again. “Jacqui brought a sense of peace with her from the moment she arrived.  Her explanations were easy to follow and I felt supported in practicing the technique. Jacqui was happy to wait for Rosie to come to find us, which is Rosie’s preference, being quite a nervous cat who is often reluctant to come into contact with strangers.  Rosie quickly relaxed and this is very unusual. I found the session very moving, I felt a deep sense of well being, and Rosie seemed significantly more relaxed afterwards too.  She has slowed down in her entry into the house, Rosie and our other cat Jasper seem much more peaceful in one another’s company.  Jasper has been coming into the lounge which she hadn’t done for many months so it’s wonderful that something has shifted so she feels more at ease too.”  Sue Boulter, West Sussex.

“Jacqui has been very supportive in helping me with my use of the Trust Technique. I have been using TT to help calm a rowdy teenage bengal cat who was causing havoc in an otherwise relaxed cat multi-cat household. I had got so far with the technique but was starting to feel a bit stuck – I felt it was my inexperience that was stopping me getting results. Jacqui listened very patiently to where I had got to and reassured me that I was heading in the right direction. She spent the time to discuss where I could tweak my techniques a little to provide further support and gave me the confidence to stick with the process and give my cat time to learn what he needed too. Thanks to Jacqui’s support I have a much stronger relationship with all my cats and we are seeing huge improvement in our bengal’s behaviour.” Caroline Prout, Northampton


“So helpful to work with Jacqui, definitely needed something to help me calm myself down with my exams coming up and this was so helpful. It also helped me so much to work better with my two horses and take a break when I get too stressed!”  Rebecca Heald, Surrey.

“Jacqui gave me much needed moral support and encouragement with my ponies. She has a lovely calm and peaceful manner and encouraged me to persist and believe in a positive outcome. This way of helping animals is amazing and I would highly recommend a consultation with Jacqui.”  Clare Elliott, Epsom, Surrey.

“I’m impressed by a practitioner who gives you the tools and information to help your animals…yourself. Jacqui not only helped my horses but she also enabled me to help my horses. She helped me to understand and be able to communicate with them. The techniques she gave me for our mare who was distressed following the loss of a herd member have proved invaluable. She has help me to be peaceful with all my horses now. We humans are such busy creatures, always wanting and doing something. It’s important sometimes just to BE with them. Thank you, Jacqui.”  Linda Chamberlain, Forest Row, East Sussex.

Emma wanted to help Dante to integrate better into the herd and be calmer, more confident and trusting. After this very deep healing session, Dante returned to the herd and started mutual grooming with another horse which was the first time he had done this in the past year since being with his new herd – it was such a joy to see him finding his place and developing his confidence.

dimension=1820x1280“Dante is a fairly new horse who has physical discomfort and a busy mind.  I was keen to do this work with him to encourage him to relax and find inner peace.  He calmed straight away and then decided to lie down flat out making nickering sounds whilst his limbs were twitching.  It was an amazing session which he truly benefitted from.  I continue to work with him and he is very quick to respond and drop into a peaceful space.”   Emma Ross, East Sussex. http://www.intuitivehorse.com/

Diana was keen to help her horse Chiqs to overcome a fear of meeting new people –

1972413_10152146823279823_181418745_n-1-1“My mare is usually very wary around people she doesn’t know and has trust issues with humans, so it was lovely to see her showing obvious signs of relaxation and Jacqui made the process look effortless and natural.  I believe the experience has helped to deepen my relationship with my horse. Thank you Jacqui for a lovely heartfelt and emotional-filled experience.”   Diana Coldman, Dorset.  www.thelifewhisperer.co.uk

A consultation with a client in East Sussex whose horse was showing signs of frustration and nervousness. In one session we were able to understand what his difficulty was and make the necessary changes to give him confidence and trust. “Jacqui’s presence gave me a lot of confidence and direction and dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s for me in this area of communication and ‘being’.  Jacqui was clear and supportive, and I saw an immediate response and subsequent relief for my horse.  I am confident to keep exploring this technique and was very pleased at it’s simplicity, yet profundity.” MJ, Sussex. 

“Jacqui came to visit our horse as we were concerned he was grieving for his long term companion who had died. Jacqui has such a calm and kind manner, and a really lovely understanding of animals.I can only recommend her as someone to work with, and she really helped us deepen our bond with our horse.”  Cat Beaumont, Surrey 


IMG_0116“I thought Jacqui explained it really well, but thought it wouldn’t work until I saw her do it and believed it.  I thought it was really nice to bond with Solo. I felt more confident and it was really amazing to see Solo reacting to it so well and liking it so much! ”   Olivia, W Sussex

IMG_0114“I felt really confident.  I really enjoyed it.”  Clarissa, W Sussex

“It is very useful, especially for when she gets stressed or worried.  It was really nice to see her so relaxed.”  Rebecca, W Sussex

“This is truly an amazing place and I admire and respect Jacqui Howe and the love and respect she has for her lovely horses. I would strongly recommend people to go here if you are struggling emotionally or simply feeling stressed or your bond with your horse has gone through some challenging times. Jacqui is so patient and understanding and she has helped me so much with my own troublesome and overwhelming emotions and she has helped me reconnect with my partner of my heart and soul Rodney (my share horse) I am eternally grateful to her and I hope that anyone who needs it or wants it goes and checks it out. I guarantee that you won’t regret it!”  Chloe Wake, Surrey

“So helpful to work with Jacqui, definitely needed something to help me calm myself down with my exams coming up and this was so helpful. It also helped me so much to work better with my two horses and take a break when I get too stressed!”  Rebecca Heald, Surrey.


Anne Marie wanted to overcome a fear of horses.  In one session she felt not only confident, but able to realise how her own state of mind could transform the horses thinking and feelings.

GetAttachment.aspx“It was an amazing experience.  The horses reaction was obvious and it was a great pleasure to see her relax and close her eyes.  Jacqui explained how the horse would react, and it just happened as she said.  It’s so simple and so powerful! I am still remembering the feeling a week later.  I feel very privileged to have been able to experience this.”   Anne Marie Wylie, Surrey.

“I went to Jacqui in a bad way and she gave me the tools to see beyond the situation I was in with empathy and real professionalism. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has not tried mindfulness. She will listen and be a real help.”  Sue R, Surrey.

A client who was unable to find a way forward with progressing a new business venture. In one consultation she was able to find and release the root cause of the block and then develop a dynamic yet peaceful action plan for a purposeful way forward.  In a very short period of time, she has now built her website, developed several courses, renovated a teaching space, already run a workshop and is finding a fulfilling work-life full of purpose, confidence and peacefulness!    “Jacqui helped me get clear on what the passions in my life are, the things that give me joy.  Her simple, down to earth, and profoundly healing approach allowed me to fully feel what it is that makes my heart sing.  This is not counselling or talk therapy, Jacqui helps you find the way to fully listen to your own heart and spirit and to create space for this way of being so that every minute of your life is worth living.”  AH, International consultation via Skype.

A client in East Sussex who was feeling overcome with grief  and unable to move forward. In two sessions she was able to be peaceful and accepting of the situation and find a healthy purposeful and peaceful plan for the future: “It was incredibly powerful and moving.  Powerful in the sense that it brought up past issues, and then being able to reduce those feelings.  The resulting action plan has given me renewed clarity, energy and understanding.  A really useful tool to apply in many different situations.”  

“Jacqui is amazing to work with. She is highly skilled, gentle and delivers this beautiful way of being with such compassion and understanding. I felt completely supported throughout the process. She really does understand animals and in particular horses. Having worked with Jacqui on more than one occasion, I would highly recommend the work she does, whether it be for yourself or your animal…….you will not be disappointed!”  Jeni MacNab, Scotland.

“I cannot recommend Jacqui enough. Such patience and compassion for times when we’re desperately seeking answers, or just intrigued. A wonderfully personal service that exceeded all expectations! I wish we could give more than 5 stars!”  Kirsty Sherwood