How to be an animal listener … shhh!

2395872876723442392It’s not about ‘whispering’ which has negative connotations unfortunately these days with too many people using that term to put pressure on animals and force them to submit to the persons will.

It’s about LISTENING, about having complete regard, mindfully, quietly, gently.. being able to get onto our animals wavelength and truly understand what is going on for them, so that we can help them to overcome any confidence, fear or other behavioural issues with ease – in their time, and in their way. It’s about helping people too … to release their blocks and triggers around certain behaviour and enabling each one of us to have a deeper, more connected relationship themselves.

It’s a beautiful way of being, and for me, it’s the only way of really caring and forming a true understanding, trusting relationship with our animal friends. Whether the animal in your life has difficulties they need help with, or whether you simply want to hang out with them with more JOY, no frustration, more connection… then reducing your thinking, getting rid of your ‘agenda’, listening and understanding them really is the way to go.

To learn how to be a true animal listener, contact me for a consultation today! Everyone can do it… all you need is the desire to have the best relationship possible with your animal friends.




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