How horses help people with dementia…

This  interesting research is very positive news for anyone with dementia, or anyone caring for friends and family with dementia.



I love taking my horses for walks around the many beautiful bridleways adjoining their fields. The views are spectacular, and the gentle mindful walking is a wonderful way to connect with these very special animals.



The combination of my Reiki and Mindfulness with Animals work puts me in an ideal position to offer help to people who would like to come and spend time with my horses, receiving this wonderful blend of mindfulness, outdoor exercise and intuitive horse healing.

No previous horse experience is necessary, and no riding is involved.  All levels of ability, confidence and fitness are welcome, as I will tailor a one to one session especially for you and your requirements.



Sessions include an introduction to “Mindfulness with Animals”, meeting your gentle horse companion in a quiet, mindful way to develop your confidence and relationship together and a walk either in enclosed meadows, on quiet private lanes or in beautiful woodland (depending upon your requirements).

Half an hour (£25) or one hour (£40).

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