On vulnerability and unconditonal love…

IMG_0345Me n my girl Missy.
19399116_10155584439987625_1081170856834733161_nThis incredibly special horse has taught me SO much over the last five and a half years we’ve known each other. When I first met her she was a sadly typical highly strung ex-racehorse, destined as many are, to be put to sleep at the tender age of 13. I stepped in and brought her home and so began our journey of trust building.

By not expecting anything of her other than to just be a horse, she began to realise I was not going to try and control, dominate or harm her and so she began to soften and relax. Once I had started my practitioner training six months later, things shifted a lot quicker and trust deepened, her confidence developed and true peacefulness was felt between us with the help of mindfulness and communication.

Our closeness continues to grow as I learn more from her each day – how to be close without any neediness and with complete and utter regard for her on a very deep feeling level. I’ve learned how to accept healing from her as she has from me, and we share feelings which we then both release in a very profound way. She has shown me some huge trauma in her life by communication as if I was watching a film of her life – and thanks to deepening my ability to hold a compassionate, still space, ground myself and release these feelings, Missy then felt able to trust me to witness this trauma which in turn enabled her to release it at a deep cellular level of her being.  

Some animals are so ready to let go of past trauma that they do so instantly in one session even if I’ve never met them before.
And then there are those that take a little longer… five and a half years and then some!!

Missy had lost a LOT in her life, and it took her a long time to allow other horses and humans near her – physically and emotionally.

Last August saw the start of her new found assertiveness – claiming shelter space and hay for the first time since I’d known her! It was so great to see this shift.

19397009_10155584445672625_6548722040652386961_nA couple of months ago she began to bond with Spirit and they both allowed themselves to feel vulnerability and closeness in a way that neither of the had been able to for a long time. The moment they lay down next to each other was so heart-warming and monumental.



Everything about her had noticeably softened as she became the first to greet visitors, instead of being the most wary and secluded of the herd.

She has gradually allowed people and horses closer in to her personal space, trusting that they will listen and respect her when she subtly lets us all know that we are close enough.

Last night, Missy allowed Thunder to slowly mutual groom her…. this was the first time she has allowed any horse this physically close since her dear Eddie passed over in March last year. Such a huge, heart-bursting joy to witness!




This morning at our open morning, she and Thunder came up to the fence to greet our visitors and once again showed off their gentle mutual grooming prowess up close and personal!



Towards the end of the morning Missy then allowed Blue to share this newfound pleasure too. There was absolutely nothing tentative about this mutual grooming session!

19400023_10155584436312625_5284628561340017819_n 19399265_10155584437537625_3597491436513837913_n  19399816_10155584439052625_5217142765563616475_n   So very, very special.  Thank you Missy for being in my life and teaching me so much.


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