What a difference a year makes!

What a difference a year makes!!!


This time last year, our dearest beautiful pony Blue Moon came to live with us. She had been rescued from a hugely traumatic situation and I let go of any expectation that this lovely soul would ever be able to trust humans. From what she’d been through in her short life, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if this was her decision! This first picture is after just a few weeks of her living with us, when she very first begun to trust us enough to approach and eat some hay near me! Before this day, about 200 yards away was plenty close enough for her. It was an incredibly rewarding moment and I still remember how my heart was burst open by how close she tentatively came. Charlotte and I sat with her, using mindfulness, patience and deep peace, and eventually she allowed us closer, til I could rest my hand on the ground near to where she was eating.

Such a huge privilege.



18698515_10155472681292625_497136080619153603_nAfter just six weeks she was trusting me to gently give her a good scratch and then even chose to put her head into a headcollar so she could happily and peacefully come for a walk up the lane with us! After a week or so more she was allowing me to pick up her feet so they could be cared for. So fast, so incredible and such huge trust from her in me. 18664297_10155472692487625_5589762755350341622_n



This is complete testament to the way of connecting that I practice … creating a peaceful, trusting environment with no expectations, enabling us all – humans and non-human animals alike – to completely release past trauma and fear and to replace this with deep peace, uncconditional love, confidence and trust … all in their own sweet time. <3



Blue widened her circle of trust to include my daughter Charlotte, my son Will and my partner David. We all help peaceful, mindful space for her to get to know us in her own time.






Eventually her trust in humanity increased, she was able to let go of her fear and release her past trauma.  Blue now enjoys the peaceful company of many lovely people who come and spend time with the herd at retreats, learning how to connect with animals in this beautiful way.






Over the last year our bond has deepened even more as she and the other horses fully trust that I – and everyone that I invite into their space – will completely regard and respect them in every single way. She and the rest of the herd live as near a natural horse life as possible, having freedom of choice in as much of their life as we can manage. This means not using them in any way and regarding them fully in every moment.

Today David and I enjoyed the peace of the herd snoozing in the hot morning sun at 7am. Birdsong filled the air and a deep sense of unconditional love and deep peace was completely tangible.
These moments of Blue and Shotun allowing me to keep watch as they sleep will live in my heart forever.




I have the very best life that I could ever possibly imagine! I am so lucky, so blessed, and so privileged to be trusted by this herd of incredibly beautiful souls.


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