What happens during a consultation to help animals?

It’s easy to notice how animals respond to our emotional state and vice versa at times of great emotional upset. Recognising this, and the way that animals communicate with each other – on a feeling level – we can begin to realise that all our thoughts and feelings impact on our animals hugely – they pick up on absolutely everything. Often we are not even aware that a feeling, thought or smell can trigger a past memory for us because it happens on a deep subconscious level, however that memory will bring up a feeling that will be affecting the animals around you. Often these feelings around us are too overwhelming for the animals in our lives, so they cope by either shutting down on their feelings or by displaying unwanted behaviour.

Sometimes, especially if a rescue animal, this behaviour is nothing to do with our own feelings, but still we can assist them to reach a place of deep healing and release, and enable them to lead happy, confident and peaceful lives.

During a consultation, I guide you to gently and compassionately release any subconscious ‘triggers’ you may have, if relevant, and teach you how to take your thoughts and feelings to a very still and peaceful ‘being’ state.  I then guide you to share this with the animals around you – working completely at their pace and with complete mindful regard.  This is simpler than you may imagine, and I can help anyone to do this. Really!


It is then possible to help an animal to be very peaceful and calm, and you can develop a lovely trusting relationship together on a completely new level to what has been previously experienced. In this very peaceful state, we can help our animal friends to really listen and understand what is being shown to them, experience situations without fear, and increase their confidence in many situations.

This is all done without the need for any desensitising / flooding or any pressure/release techniques … just pure peacefulness, regard and complete understanding.  It’s very beautiful to witness and be a part of.

Additionally of course it impacts us too, as we are suddenly aware of small, previously unnoticed signs that animals are giving us about a situation and their feelings towards it. This level of true mindful regard is so greatly appreciated by animals, and consequently our relationship becomes even more understanding and deeply trusting.


Taking this peaceful state to an even deeper level, we can help animals to reach a deep healing state where they are then able to release past trauma, abuse and fear which is held in the body at a deep cellular level. During a consultation I teach you how to create and hold this space for your animal friends, which really is a huge privilege and a very moving experience.

By using these methods we are able to enter and interact in the world of true animal intelligence. We then quickly realise that there is never a need for control, dominance, pressure, raised voices or actually any frustration. This is excellent for assisting in all situations, be they behavioural, emotional or physical. It is a wonderfully compassionate way to connect with animals and benefits both them and us beyond words.


Of course it’s not just a wonderful way of helping animals who have behavioural problems … being able to connect and understand our trusted companions and animal friends, as well as undomesticated wild animals, on this deep level is very special. This method of slowing our thinking down and being completely on their wavelength is wonderful for everyone with a love for animals.


If you would like to book a consultation to experience this very special connection between you and the animals in your life, give Jacqui a call on 07946 869454 or email jacqui@jacquihowe.com.  I look forward to hearing from you. 


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