Why go on a “Mindfulness with Animals Retreat”?





12095998_10153596019930853_7418422425715352711_nSometimes we need to just press pause on our lives! It’s very refreshing to step back from the busy-ness of every day life. A great way to achieve this is to go on a Mindfulness with Animals Retreat. This time away from our normal routine is far more than a workshop or weekend break. It’s a time to reflect and transform, so that we may return to our daily life refreshed, remembering our soul connection and embracing a new way of being, with a new skill.  A Mindfulness with Animals Retreat gives us time for healing, reflection and guided meditations so that we may go deep within and spend time quietly with ourselves.

10252068_10152584412350853_2148939678757539649_nA retreat with us will offer you mindfulness, deep peace, re-membering how to connect with our intuitive knowing and a wonderful re-connection with everything around us. Our retreats take place in stunning countryside, staying in beautiful cottages or yurts, with delicious animal friendly food, so that our senses may be reawakened to the sights and sounds of nature. When we spend time mindfully, we can more easily hear our intuition when it quietly whispers to us. We are also able to notice when a bird sings far away, deeply breathe in the smell of the earth, flowers or grass, enjoy the sun or a soft breeze on our skin and give each step our mindful attention, expanding our awareness more than we usually are able to do.

latest view 15 06 In addition to all this, we are able to re-member intuitive ways of re-connecting and communicating  with each other, with other animals and with nature.  Through learning Mindfulness, Animal Communication and Animal Healing, we are able to look at the world through completely new eyes.  Hopefully, when we return home, we can take a this time alone back with us and create regular time for mindfulness, incorporating new ways of being with others – humans and non-human animals alike.

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(Thank you to  Country Ways in North Devon for the stunning photos of one of our retreat venues.)


  1. November 4, 2016    

    Jacqui that looks like a heavenly place for a retreat! Would love to make the journey one day.

    • admin admin
      March 13, 2017    

      hi Jason, Looking forward to meeting you and having you join us on retreat! :)

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