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♥   A Gift from the Heart  

Welcome to our healing sanctuary where you can awaken your intuition, your inner peacefulness and your brave heart!  If you feel that life could be so much brighter, bigger and better than it currently is, then we invite you to Springwood Mindfulness Sanctuary to make those transitions.

Our lovely sanctuary is surrounded by woodland just outside Handcross in West Sussex, UK.  We offer retreats where you can experience a peaceful, relaxing day, a new way of interacting with animals by really understanding them, and ways to lead a more relaxed life in line with your purpose.

Allow yourself to really thrive, live your purpose and follow your dreams.

When you share mindful space with the beautiful herd of horses, ponies and donkeys at Springwood Mindfulness Sanctuary you enter a state where you begin to feel the possibilities in everything … things just flow, you become one with your world and you lose track of time. You’ll be creating a soul-connection with animals that quite simply will live in your heart forever.
You’ll then be able to experience a shift in your life that will gracefully alter your experience of everything.
Enable animals to also be completely at peace … releasing any past anxiety they and you may have. This beautiful way of being completely regards the animals that choose to share their space with you.
This most magical relationship with your own animal family is completely achievable.

When horses, ponies and donkeys live naturally as a herd, living out 24/7 with plenty of enrichment in their environment, herbs and medicinal plants to self select, organic pasture and hay; when they are not “used” by humans for work or therapy, not ridden or separated from the herd; when they’re allowed to live an unconditioned and uncontrolled life… only then we can start to see their natural equine inner state of being-ness.  It’s in this environment, at complete liberty, that they are most peaceful and into which they invite you into the herd here at Springwood Sanctuary.  Learn Mindfulness and experience this reflected back to you … as your inner state becomes peaceful then the herd will invite you to be with them in absolute peace. 

It’s my passion to share this with others. If you have a sense that life could be so much more fulfilling then you’ve come to the right place to enable you to achieve it! I look forward to working with you and sharing this wonderful way of being that will completely change your life.
Together we can make a difference.

IMG-20151026-WA0031Jacqui Howe is an experienced holistic animal practitioner – Mindfulness with Animals consultant & coach, inter-species communicator, animal Reiki and Hawaiian healing practitioner.  She is also an experienced Hawaiian healing massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and Mindfulness teacher for humans.  She brings all these modalities together and combines them with her lifetime experience with horses and dogs, her rehabilitation work with animals and her own journey of transformation to offer a compassionate and very effective way of holding space for others that enables both people and animals to connect, trust, heal and love unconditionally. Jacqui offers consultations to people and animals and also teaches this way of being through workshops and retreats at Springwood Sanctuary in West Sussex.  As a vegan, Jacqui is dedicated to inspiring a shift in awareness and consciousness away from the “use” and “mis-use” of animals in any way.

By setting up Springwood Sanctuary with her partner David, they aspire to set up a model for change so that humans and all animals can live in true harmony.

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Springwood Mindfulness Sanctuary is a privately funded, non-profit organisation.
Donations are gratefully received and enable us to offer healing and teach Mindfulness to people who are unable to pay for their own treatments due to ill health at present.
Donations are also gratefully received to maintain our beautiful herd of rescue horses here and to continue our animal rehabilitation work, enabling us to give forever homes to horses in need.  
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What clients say….

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful home and herd with us. I had such a special time and it’s been really impactful. I can’t recommend the experience highly enough and I’ve been talking about it to all my friends…  The weekend with you really helped restore my confidence in that inner resource of calm we all carry if we know how to access it…”   Kate Ensor, Luxembourg.


“I’m impressed by a practitioner who gives you the tools and information to help your animals…yourself. Jacqui not only helped my horses but she also enabled me to help my horses. She helped me to understand and be able to communicate with them. The techniques she gave me for our mare who was distressed following the loss of a herd member have proved invaluable. She has helped me to be peaceful with all my horses now. We humans are such busy creatures, always wanting and doing something. It’s important sometimes just to BE with them. Thank you, Jacqui.”   Linda Chamberlain, Forest Row, East Sussex

This is a testimonial from a client whose animals had behaviour difficulties:“My two dogs have both been so scared of fireworks for the past 6-8 years.  They would shake and literally hide.  I had a couple of sessions with Jacqui just a few weeks before bonfire night and as soon as the fireworks went off following that, their behaviour was calm and not at all stressed… It’s amazing that something so gentle and non-invasive… can help so hugely. Everyone needs to know about this! Thank you for sharing what you do.”   Sally Walters, Chichester, West Sussex

for the full testimonials and others please see – more client testimonials…

12794419_1070812582975669_4371064303177996892_nCONTACT ME:

Jacqui Howe, Mindfulness with Animals Practitioner,

Tel:  07946 869454 / 01444 401895