Escape into nature and connect with the herd, whilst experiencing Mindfulness and a peaceful connection with animals.


at Springwood Sanctuary, West Sussex

 Spend a very peaceful day immersing in Mindfulness whilst enjoying the enchanted woodland, reflecting by the lake, receiving a guided meditation in the yurt and being invited into the healing herd of horses, ponies and donkeys.




 All workshop-retreats are one-to-one or at most two-to-one … on your own or with a friend.  This allows you the privacy to explore feelings that may surface when you delve into this peaceful state of Mindfulness.
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During this enjoyable full day retreat you will experience:

  • An introduction to Mindfulness, and why it’s so very effective at helping with anxiety, stress, depression and pain relief (to name just a few things!) for both us and other animals. How to practically experience a peaceful, present moment, mindful state easily
  • A guided meditation and a wonderful Mindful walk in our magical ancient woodland
  • A body scan and how to release unwanted emotional feelings and physical discomfort or pain
  • How to be aware of boundaries – your own and those of other humans and non-human animals, and how to be effectively grounded
  • The afternoon will include practical experience with the herd:
  • How to respectfully and mindfully enter the herd so that you are invited to be at one with them.
  • How to mindfully regard all animals so that you can be aware of their very subtle ‘no’ or ‘yes’ and build a relationship based on trust and respect
  • How to share Mindfulness with animals so that they are able to be deeply peaceful and trusting around you, enabling you to connect peacefully
  • How to incorporate Mindfulness into your daily life so that you can benefit from this effective way of creating inner peacefulness

At the end of your one day retreat you will receive a certificate of completion.

£145 per person for a one-to-one workshop-retreat (£120 per person if two people booking together).


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Deepening the bond – MINDFULNESS WITH ANIMALS™  Retreat

18622265_10155472697957625_3252833349135374070_nThis can be taken as the second day of a two day retreat, or a follow on day from your introduction day at another time.  This enjoyable day will be spent delving deeper into this way of being, exploring further healing, release, grounding, inter-species communication and re-connection with our essence and that of other beings.  This second day enables you to have lots of practical experience with the herd, deepening your intuitive abilities and your connection with them.

£145 / person per day for a one-to-one retreat (£120 / person per day if two people booking together).

IMG_20170507_202144 (1)

These days are specifically tailored to your requirements, your own level of confidence around horses and your experience with meditation / healing modalities.  


Retreats are led by experienced holistic animal practitioner and Mindfulness coach / teacher Jacqui Howe. Discover this wonderful way to connect with your natural intuitive state and leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and empowered. You will be able to take these valuable insights home to help both yourself and the animals in your life with rehabilitation, confidence and trust, taking all your relationships to a deeper, more meaningful level than ever before.

IMG_2334These retreats are enjoyable and inspirational for people with all levels of experience – from complete beginners to those working professionally with animals. There is NO riding and all the animals have the freedom to choose to join us. Everyone can benefit from the wonderful sense of inner peacefulness and connection to unconditional love, whether you have animal companions in your life or not.


Retreats are by donation. We are a not-for-profit social enterprise – all donations are gratefully received and enable us: to offer voluntary healing work at other animal rescue centres / sanctuaries; to offer healing to people not able to pay for treatments due to their ill health at present; to continue our rescue and rehabilitation work at Springwood Sanctuary and the ongoing upkeep of the herd here.

£145 / person per day for a one-to-one retreat (£120 / person per day if two people booking together).

To reserve your place, email


 “Re-Wild Yourself!” Group Retreat Day in the Yurt and Woods

£55 per person.

Re-connect with nature and your own intuitive self. These retreats run throughout the year, and will vary as each one focusses on the particular moon phase and season. Includes a fire ceremony, sound healing, guided meditation, a mindful walk in the woods, sharing food and drink, stories and inspiration in the enchanted ancient woodlands, around a fire and in the yurt.

Come and celebrate a very special day with us!  Groups are a maximum of seven people. For next retreat date and to reserve your place,  email Jacqui




 Enjoying receiving a LomiLomi Hawaiian healing massage, and immersing in the restorative power of nature. 

 If you would like further information about either of these, or to provisionally book your place, please email Jacqui :

“Hawaiian Healing Massage Retreats” 

This nourishing and nurturing retreat is just what every soul needs once in a while! You’ll be surrounded by incredible nature in West Sussex woodland, and immersed in the sacred Hawaiian healing arts. Experience Ho’oponopono – the Hawaiian clearing and forgiveness ritual which can transform your life, LauLima healing, a full body LomiLomi 2 hour transformational massage, Kahi Loa shamanic clothed massage, an hour Tandem Lomi Lomi massage (traditionally reserved for Hawaiian royalty!), select a head, neck & shoulder Hoku massage or really immerse yourself into this wonderful healing art with a combination of all of these treatments!

These relaxing one day retreats are available to book on your own or with a friend. Donation of £145 / person per day which includes a two hour treatment of your choice from the treatment menu, a light organic vegan lunch and a guided mindful walk in our magical woodland.

Please contact Jacqui to book, and for current available dates.

To reserve your place, please email

Testimonial from previous event:

“I was privileged and thrilled to be able to attend Jacqui’s retreat, with a mixed herd roaming freely behind us in their track field. The group was small and intimate and we all came from far and wide all so different, but all knowing that there is a kind and gentle way to communicate with animals. I sat in the beautiful morning sunshine, knowing a little from videos and online and itching to learn more. Jacqui is calm and warm spirited with a soothing voice that is relaxing and gentle. She explained clearly and simply that this is not a mystical art but something innate within each of us, that we are all capable of achieving – we have all just forgotten how as we go about being a human “doing” rather than a human “being”. Under her guidance we practiced bringing our energy down, emptying our minds and being in the present moment and most importantly releasing any expectations. We all discussed how we felt and things we struggled with… Jacqui calmly and without judgement gave us further guidance and practical help to maintain this tranquil state, before demonstrating the technique on one of the horses. It was beautiful to see – she explained that all animals react differently to start with, before accepting that it is ok and safe to relax and release. The horse took deep breaths, his eyes got heavier, head dropped, rested foot, weight shifting and yawning. We then got to practice what we had learnt and seen. I must admit I was nervous as to whether I was really achieving this feeling and doing it properly.  Respecting the herd boundaries we quietly stood or sat and became “present”. What can I say – all the horses approached us, curiously sniffing, blowing gently through their noses, heads dropped and all very gentle, just craving the sense of peace we were creating. I was obviously doing something right! We were all so peaceful. I felt honoured and it was quite emotional and very beautiful. The whole experience was amazing and I can’t recommend Jacqui more highly and will be calling on her knowledge, experience and gentle ways to help one of my horses release blockages and trauma of being saddled and ridden. We owe it to our animals and ourselves to have relationships with each other based on trust, respect and understanding, without fear, mistrust and pressure. I may sound evangelical, but I have tried this with my horse a few times myself, and I never thought such a difference would be possible. I’m very grateful. Thank you.”  Emma-Claire Pullen, Sussex. 

For more about this Retreat from some of the participants perspectives, please see my blog:   Why go on a ‘Mindfulness with Animals Retreat’?

12794419_1070812582975669_4371064303177996892_nCONTACT ME:

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